Unveiling Them


COVID-19 is the Measles Parasite in the MMR Vaccine, Administered to Those Born 1946 and Later:


Initial reporting of deaths indicate ages range from 2 to 74 years; birth years from 1946 to 2018.

Those born 1946 and later were force vaccinated with the MMR vaccine at some point/s during their lifetime. The vaccine contains a Measles parasite with an extremely high replication rate.  Parasites flourish when there is a supply of oxygen from iron oxidation inside the host.  Iron intake and buildup are at unprecedented levels; concurrently, blood pH set to accelerate iron oxidation.  Parasites are thriving & replicating on schedule.

NOTE:  COVID-19 symptoms evolved from respiratory to all other areas. All the major organs are now being reported as being affected by the virus. Disease symptoms manifest anywhere there are iron deposit sites and parasitic activity.

Recent reports describe external skin symptoms of measles rash, spots & lesions; also observed inside the mouth cavity. Measles rash is predominantly in the lining of internal organs, hidden and unreported; and manifest externally on the skin, particularly with a sudden boost of parasites.  Official literature only mentions external rash associated with Measles.




Measles is a naturally occurring parasite in humans, that dies off naturally when a person does not have iron poisoning – iron deposits.

Measles parasitic infection occurs when a host is replete with iron stores. Iron attracts oxygen, required by parasites for survival & replication inside the host.

Symptoms are described as red rashes/”splotches” where the parasites settle in the mucous membranes, predominantly the lining of internal organs and body structures.



Those born before 1946 -- 75+ years of age, did not get the vaccine.  
They are dying from the parasite with lower circulating levels and replication rate. Older age groups still have a high death rate due to higher levels of iron accumulation.