Iron Poisoning & Copper Deficiency



Other Food Notes


The ENTIRE food & water supply has been tainted – POISONED with copper depleting metals, chemicals, agents.
”Fortified”, “enhanced”, “enriched”, sometimes precede the list of copper depleting additives.


Poultry: poultry is “MINIMALLY PROCESSED”:  meaning that the meat has been injected or basted with poison metals & chemicals.


Red Meats:  much is “MINIMALLY PROCESSED”.  All red meat is copper negated because the animals are fed copper deficient and copper depleting diets with sulfates, phosphates, zinc, molybdenum and iron in abundance in particular.


Fish: most fish is loaded with omega-3 "essential fatty acids". Omega-3's are blood thinners, so this will further deplete body copper stores, especially when there is no copper being replenished from other food sources. And then there is the mercury.


Genetically Modified (GM): See main page and links page. (Refs 2, 3)


"High Copper" Foods: we have been given a long list of "copper rich" foods that supposedly provides us our dietary requirements for copper, however, when checking their "official" list you will notice that these foods have sulfur and iron in abundance. The sulfur binds with copper and further depletes the copper stores in the body, and negates any copper that may have been present in the food. The high iron to copper ratio essentially cancels out much if not all of the copper contained in the food. You will also note on packages of various nuts and grains, there is no mention of ANY copper contained in the item. If there is even 1 - 2% of the RDA, it has to be listed; so, no, there is no available copper in these "copper rich" food items. (Ref 4)


Herbs & Raw Food Diet: most herbs we are "permitted" to have access to, are blood thinners, alkalis, copper binding and deplete copper status.

Raw food diets are generally alkaline, further depleting copper in the body and increase severity of copper deficiency symptoms.


Naturapathic/Alternative protocols: these protocols further deplete copper stores in the body. Colonics, coffee enemas, infra-red saunas, ionic baths, magnetic clay baths, chelation "therapies", homeopathic "remedies", etc.


Other Sources That Deplete Copper in the Body: radiation (depleted uranium, WI-FI wireless internet, computers, televisions, high power lines, cell phones).

See main page on vaccines.


Fillers, Binders


Minerals, Vitamins, & Amino Acid supplements deplete copper: iron, mercury, molybdenum, iodine, manganese, zinc, chlorine, fluoride, phosphorus, sulfur, cysteine & methionine (sulfur amino acids), glycine, tryptophan, alpha-lipoic acid, glutathione, vitamins. Remember, since copper is not getting replenished, these additions to the diet are harmful to copper status.

Anti-copper lists:

Ingredients Found on Food Labels

Ingredients Found on Personal Care Product Labels






A Case For the Role of Copper Deficiency in "Mad Cow" Disease and Human Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease."Research has suggested that copper also has an important role to play in the prevention or moderation of certain neurodegenerative diseases including the polyglutamine diseases (such as Friedrich ataxia and Huntington's Disease), Parkinson's Disease, Wilson's and Menkes' Diseases, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease, also called "Motor Neuron Disease" in the UK), and Alzheimer's Disease.

2. Increased phosphorus and iron availability in soils decreases copper uptake by plants.

3. Copper availability is lowest at near neutral soil pH (6.5 - 7.5), but as pH decreases copper availability increases.





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