Unveiling Them


Iron Poisoning & Copper Deficiency



Iron is NOT a nutrient, it is a poison. Iron retention is 95-100% . Iron replaces copper in the blood and tissue proteins, accumulating in multiple locations of the body, causing destruction, accelerating aging & death. Symptoms, disease & conditions are indications of iron poisoning & parasitic activity; parasites exist in hosts replete with iron stores. Disease and conditions correlate to the locations of greater proportions of iron deposits & parasitic activity:  CANCER,   DEMENTIA,   HEART/CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE,   DIABETES,   LUNG DISEASE (C.O.P.D.),   GASTRO-INTESTINAL DISEASE,   BLOOD DISORDERS,  EYE DISEASE; to mention a few of the major problem areas.  Copper must be replenished to mobilize iron out of the body to repair the damage done by the parasites & iron oxidation, to restore health and longevity.


Year 2020: population mass die off set to start in the United States.
The year 2020 began 1 April. Official calendar is 9 months behind.

The abomination that causes desolation (depopulation) spoken of through the prophet Daniel

United States Population Closer to 200 Million -- the Number of the Mounted Troops

Blood Type Distribution correlates to Blood pH Prevalence

Blood types are indicative of Iron/metal poisoning & copper deficiency in a population, and correlate to blood pH.  Poisoned blood types are alkaline or acidic dependent on the proportion and locations of iron deposits and affects on organs & their functions.

The majority of the population are alkaline blood types A & O and correlate to the most prevalent pH of 7.40 (now 7.55 + by end of  2015), and the acidic blood type B correlates to pH of about 6.8.  Neutral blood pH of 7.00, blood type AB, is required to synthesize normal healthy proteins in the proper quantities; as it contains the required concentration of hydrogen to form the bonds in proteins. 

Blood pH set-up schedule here:  note that 7.40 “normal” blood pH takes off 45 years of life span & youth

Past & Current Blood Type Distribution:
The last blood type distribution disclosure was in about 1960:     AB: 4%         B: 10%       A/O: 86% 
Current blood type distribution (estimates on types A,B,O):         AB: 6.66%    B: ≥ 20%       A/O: ≤ 73%
Type B blood increases due to a slightly longer lifespan than types A&O. This is observed when a population is decreasing.
Type AB blood increases, has healthy neutral pH of 7.00, and increases when population is decreasing.

Rhesus Factor (D-protein) is a malformed protein, used to correlate A/B/O blood types to man-apes, to enforce the fraudulent evolution theory.
Iron & Iron Uptake Facilitators added to the Food & Water Supply for Population Extermination
In addition to iron, alkalis & other metals & chemicals are accumulating.  USDA Food Supply Nutrient (1909-2017) Schedules)

Many if not most “nutrients” are blood thinners.

USDA Food Supply Nutrients Schedule Correlates To Population Reduction Schedule: Compare the Population Extermination, Death Statistics (1900-2017), and USDA Food Supply Nutrient (1909-2017) Schedules. There is a correlation between “nutrient” additions/increases, decrease in births, increasing deaths, increasing disease prevalence. Note that mercury is not specifically listed in the USDA Food Supply Nutrient schedules, but was added to the food/water supply and other sources in greater quantities starting in 1996.

Mercury is known to reduce birth numbers, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, congenital malformations, infertility, and inhibition of ovulation.


Additional Methods/Sources (Chemical, biological and radiation)
GMO foods:
  genetically damaged foods were created to increase iron uptake & availability while decreasing copper of the same.


Vaccines & disease proliferation: vaccines were designed to boost nanoparticle-size parasites – “viruses”, foremost Measles, and adjuvant to deplete liver copper status.   The parasites settle, thrive & replicate in a host with iron deposits and copper deficiency, and accelerate the destruction process by increasing the synthesis rate of abnormal toxic proteins; the consequences being an increasingly damaged vascular system, defective blood supply, inflammation, secondary bacterial infections, lesions, degeneration, fibrosis, tumors, and CANCER. And more.
Depleting copper status with vaccine adjuvant & preservative:
When the body is invaded by pathogens/viruses, copper is mobilized from the liver in order to neutralize/destroy them. So, adjuvant & preservative are added to prevent this destruction of the pathogen. The adjuvant and preservative blocks the action of the immune system by obliterating mobilized copper.
Viruses are generally dormant at time of injection, but then transition to the active state of thriving and replicating as iron stores increase and copper status depletes.

Radiation:   electro-magnetic oscillations shake/vibrate cells, resulting in excessive breakdown of blood, releasing free iron.
Iron has magnetic properties and reacts to electro-magnetic radiation.


Blood pH, Blood Types & Population Reduction:
Neutral pH blood type AB:   7.00 pH is critical to maintaining healthy conditions & lifespan of 120 years; as present in blood type AB. 
Alkaline blood types A/O:  The average pH of the alkaline blood types (A/O) was increased to 7.55 in about end of 2015.  Iron (& other metals) accumulation accelerates simultaneously with parasitic activity and lifespan decreases.
Metabolic alkalosis occurs; death rates of 45% with blood pH of 7.55 and 80% with pH greater than 7.65.
Acidic blood type B:  pH set to about 6.8 in 2015.  Diabetes prevalence increases, signaling an increase in Type B prevalence, as there is a positive correlation.  Lifespan is slightly longer than type A/O blood types, but much shorter than type AB. 

Population Reduction:  when blood types B and AB increase in prevalence, due to blood types A/O dying off at faster rate, you know the population is dying off. 

Blood Type B Prevalence Indicates World Population Closer to 4 Billion, not 8 Billion:  The high prevalence of type B blood (from 1959), indicates that most of the third world/poor countries have been decreasing for decades now. World population is currently about 4 billion.


Concealing Deaths; Manipulating Numbers by Age Groups & Totals

Deaths by age group in the U.S.:  reported total death numbers appear to be valid until 1 October 2015, where the last quarter was under-reported.  The number of deaths by age group is fraudulent starting in about 2005; the older age group deaths peaked in 2003, and began phasing out after 2004. The official CDC death numbers for the older age groups continue to rise and as of 2017 were 878,000 for the 85+ group. This is to conceal the increase in deaths of the under-75 year age groups; and to make it appear lifespan is increasing. Those numbers should be reflected in the younger age groups.  Note:  if lifespan was increasing, the number of deaths would be decreasing for the 85+ year olds; deaths would spread out to later years. Restated, when time increases, frequency decreases.


The Healthy Type AB population conceals their true lifespan of 120 years:  the lifespan that God never changed. Currently they live over 50 years longer than the poisoned population. They have concealed this by moving multiple times during their lifespan, changing name and date of birth when they move, changing place of birth, adoptions, spelling variations & order of names, multiple marriages, identity switching, changing their appearance, and falsifying documents/records. Because they age very slowly, they hide or blur their identity and whereabouts in the beginning decades of their lifespan. They age slowly because they do not have oxidative damage from iron poisoning & copper deficiency.



Concealing Births; Evidence of Lower Than Reported Birth Numbers:
According to reports released in February 2007 and April 2009 , fetal deaths number about 1 million per year in the United States. The number of fetal and infant deaths to the number of actual births plus fetal deaths, reveal that conservatively 40% of children die within the womb or outside the womb within a year after birth. This is strong evidence that births are in decline; the official birth numbers are inflated to conceal this. National sources report fetal deaths of 20 weeks or more of gestation which account for only about 25,000 of the 1 million fetal deaths. Birth estimates by year can be found here: This chart approximates the population reduction schedule and estimates birth numbers based on death numbers and expected yearly population decreases.
Decreasing Gestational Age at Birth: Gestational age has decreased significantly between 1990 and 2005, Births By Gestational Age in the United States. A significant decrease is indicated from 40+ weeks and a significant increase is seen in the 37-39 weeks of gestation. The gestational period is decreasing due to increased amounts of iron and an increasingly severe copper deficiency being passed on to the fetus. A shorter gestational life does not indicate a normal healthy birth rate, and is an additional indicator that births are decreasing. A normal healthy gestational period in humans without iron poisoning and copper deficiency is estimated to be about 52 weeks -- one year. (Note that reported gestational period is calculated based on "first day of Last Menstrual Period", so actual gestational period is 1 to 2 weeks less than reported.) The healthy blood type AB has the longest gestational period, therefore the lowest birth rate, when the rest of the population is still increasing.

Mercury the poison of choice to reduce births:  The year 1996 is when the copper depletion rate increased, indicated by increases in diabetes and other disease prevalence, in addition to reduced birth numbers. The year 1996 coincides with the onslaught of High Fructose Corn Syrup which is known to contain mercury, a powerful poison that obliterates copper stores.  Mercury is known to reduce birth numbers, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, congenital malformations, infertility, and inhibition of ovulation.

Immigration used to conceal reduced births:  The U.S. Government implemented the Immigration Act of 1996, coinciding with the year of accelerated copper depletion, and ahead of anticipated greater birth declines caused by the increase of mercury and iron. A primary intent of this legislation apparently is to prop up student enrollment numbers using external populations to obfuscate the true numbers. Although, these populations are not counted as the total number of the resident population, their numbers are used to artificially inflate the under-18 year age groups. Additionally, apparently to fill in where "enrollment has declined", three and four year olds are now attending school and are counted in total enrollment.

Historical World Population Growth Rate Correlates to Initiation of Mass Poisoning:
World population shows greater increases starting in about 1500 AD, and is an indicator of birth rate increasing due to decrease in gestational period.


Global Warming & Theory of Evolution Frauds


Copper Functions as the Primary Antioxidant: Copper maintains mineral balance, thus a balanced pH with normal blood viscosity, by functioning as the primary antioxidant in the body. Copper mobilizes the oxidant IRON out of the body.
It has been documented that a "decrease in antioxidant protection caused by copper deficiency goes beyond a decrease in the activity of copper-dependent enzymes by inducing a wide range of disturbances in the other enzyme systems. (4)"  These other enzyme systems are involved in the formation of bone and connective tissue, immune system, cardiovascular and heart, brain, liver, blood vessels, pigmentation, collagen and elastin, blood clotting factors, all the glandular systems, and many others. (4) Thus, it can be stated with certainty that copper is the single most important nutrient in the body. This is why copper is the target for deprivation and depletion.


"The ability of copper to easily accept and donate electrons explains its important role in oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions and the scavenging of free radicals." (copper info site)


Restated, copper deficiency causes a complete breakdown of the blood's ability to eliminate iron & other metals/chemicals from the body. Loosely bound iron breaks off from the blood proteins and accumulates in various locations of the body, which then acidify those locations causing life threatening disease states such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, immune deficiencies, neurological dysfunction, tissue and organ destruction, and many other diseases and symptoms, and an early death.



Iron is the PRIMARY poison: Iron accumulation coupled with parasites is destructive and symptoms/conditions include but are not limited to: inflammation, irritable bowel, colon and other cancers, diabetes, destruction of the pancreas, liver disease/destruction thereof, cirrhosis, heart failure/disease, destruction of the heart muscle, arrhythmias, palpitation, pulmonary diseases, anemia, fibrosis, skin pigmentation abnormalities, stomach, endocrine glands, adrenal insufficiency, physical weakness, "feminization" of males, and always -- an early death.

"Iron is essential for oxygen transport in the blood": Iron attracts oxygen, thereby causing free radicals – oxidation damage, and ensures the survival & replication of parasites; in turn stimulating the growth of tumors, cancers and bacteria.

"Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA)": IDA is characterized as abnormal size/count of blood cells, accompanied by low blood iron levels. IDA is often described as being secondary to copper deficiency as well as to another concurrent disease or condition. Documentation also indicates that copper is needed to mobilize iron from deposit ("storage") sites into the blood. (This is where the copper deficiency comes in.) So, sub-optimal levels of copper will mobilize some iron from deposit locations into the blood; however, will not be enough to excrete the iron. If optimal healthy levels of copper are taken in and maintained in the diet, ALL the iron would be mobilized out of deposits, neutralized and excreted from the body. At the same time copper would replace the iron in the blood and tissue proteins, build normal blood cells to healthy levels, and neutralize the blood pH to 7.00.

 The symptoms associated to IDA are indications of copper deficiency. Iron deposits in the bone marrow and liver interfere with protein synthesis – missing and malformed proteins are a sign of copper deficiency.

All the iron has been made bio-available; there is no iron deficiency; the problem is iron metabolism because it is not required by the body.
All pathogens do require iron to thrive and replicate; that is why virtually ALL disease prevalence is soaring.

Women live longer on average than men due to some iron excretion:  Males accumulate iron more rapidly than females due to the slightly more excretion of iron by females through menstruation and child bearing (Average: 25mg and 500mg, respectively). This explains why males have a shorter lifespan on average than females, and why females develop more severe symptoms after menopause.


Bound & Unbound Iron:  When iron is in abundance and copper is deficient, iron is present as bound or unbound form. Loosely bound iron has taken the place of copper in the blood proteins and in accumulation of tissue & organs. The accumulation of iron in organs and tissues is referred to as hemosiderin, and is explained as “storage iron”.  Strongly bound iron is found in abnormal toxic proteins such as bacteria, cancers & tumors; iron facilitates the growth of tissue and organ destroying proteins by stimulating parasitic activity.                                                                    


The Myth of Disease: (4,5)  Iron poisoning and parasitic activity is responsible for all "disease" and symptoms manifesting now, accelerating aging and death. The numerous diseases are named, symptoms & conditions classified and described in a manner to deceive the population.

Copper toxicity caused by copper overload:  The copper overload disease or "copper toxicity syndrome" is caused by copper deficiency. This phenomenon is characterized by the presence of bio-unavailable copper accompanied by a lack of circulating ceruloplasmin, a copper transport protein. Due to the bio-unavailability of much of the copper, the body cannot accomplish the tasks of building, repairing, and healing to normal levels, resulting in symptoms and disease states. This phenomenon further emphasizes the importance of copper's function in the body. However, based on the bio-unavailable copper, this phenomenon is routinely erroneously described as the presence of toxic levels of copper, when in fact it should be described as diminished levels of ceruloplasmin due to bio-available copper deficiency. Copper in its natural, untampered with, bio-available form is essentially non-toxic and any excess is readily excreted from the body.


The Exterminators

How did they manage to pull off such a successful, massive poisoning campaign, and deceive everyone on blood types and disease?
They are one entity coordinating & cooperating with many, they possess great wealth, and they have many fronts. They own/control the entire food & water supply, everything that manufactures poisons, and they own the pharmaceutical and wireless industry. They have the monopoly on writing the science and text books.  By stealth they successfully add the poisons into the food and water supply, because they control every level and function of the government every agency, organization, the administration, congress, house, all the political parties, FDA, AMA, CDC, USDA, FCC, "naturopathic" and "alternative" health care community, research institutions and foundations, and the list goes on. They have agents and fronts to control us and control what goes into our food and water supply. It's all about control, keeping our minds weak, and decreasing our lifespan. This is how they have been accomplishing their goal of population reduction. It’s about secretly exterminating the population of the 200 million – they think by doing so they can change the set times and beat their MAKER.


This is the abomination that causes desolation (depopulation) spoken of through the prophet Daniel.


Their fronts, agencies, and corporations benefit and profit greatly from what they do. Though they pretend otherwise, they are all connected; and they are successful in what they do. Through taxation we pay these people who allegedly represent us, and who give their authority to these fronts to approve the poisons, without the consent or knowledge of the people. The Constitution does not give authority to government representatives to lie to us and deceive us, nor does it give authority to the government to act without the consent of the people. The government is supposed to be looking out for the best interests of the people it represents. When this is no longer the case, as we now know, the government ceases to be the rightful, legitimate government, and as such it is time to abolish the entire government.

They are playing God. They rebel against God and everything that is God and truth. They hate God and they hate His Christ. They are of the lines that were disinherited 2000 years ago. They do not worship the One and Only True God, our Father in Heaven. They worship that which is evil -- demons, idols, and earthly material things. They are anti-Christ, they are many. They are not of the line that authored the books of the Bible. If they were of this line they would adhere to and live by the laws and writings of His servants and the prophets. (Though, they have tampered with scripture to fulfill their agenda.) In defiance of God they authored their own self fulfilling laws and rituals as found in their books of Talmud and Kabala, those books that go back to an ancient place and time to Babylon. They derive their workings, rituals, symbolism, and traditions from such. They work in secrecy, for the people will be repulsed and angry at what they do. They are liars, murderers, thieves, deceivers, and they destroy the earth and mankind.


They Proclaim To Be God:
They exalt themselves over everything that is called God or is worshiped, and they set themselves up in God's temple proclaiming to be God.

 So, be watchful for those playing God, performing staged counterfeit miraculous healings, by selectively administering the remedy -- copper.

They proclaim themselves to be God (and Goddess), and His Christ, the chosen ones to rule over the earth. Their fronts, their rulers of countries, and their representatives and officials, gather together in corroboration, even the "church" is in submission. Together they perform counterfeit miraculous signs and wonders, in order to deceive the world and to bring in their "New World Order". Now their time has come. Their day has come, the time for them to be punished. Through the power and authority of the Lord our God, it is time to destroy the destroyers.