Subject: Public Health Alert: Iron Poisoning & Copper Deficiency


Public Health Alert

Iron Poisoning & Copper Deficiency


Iron is accumulating in nearly 95% of the population, and is responsible for ALL disease, conditions, symptoms, accelerated aging & deaths.  Symptoms, disease and conditions correlate to the locations of greater proportions of iron deposits and the effect on organs. Iron accumulation is now accelerating at an unprecedented rate while copper status is depleting to lowest levels.


Iron has been deliberately added to the food & water supply; while copper has been depleted or made bio-unavailable. Copper neutralizes & mobilizes iron out of the body.

Iron is NOT a nutrient; it is a poison. Iron has been made bio-available for human uptake & absorption. GMO foods are iron poisoned, copper deficient -- genetically damaged. Reduced iron, nano-particle size, has been added to most processed foods; and provides nutrient for nano-particle parasites -- termed viruses. The entire food supply is genetically damaged; consequently, damaging human DNA.


Iron is THE nutrient for ALL pathogens:

Iron Poisoned, Copper Depleted Food & Water supply:  Refer to the link below to view USDA "nutrients" schedule for the years 1909 - 2005. Notice the increase of "nutrients", iron and iron uptake facilitators. NOTE:  USDA will not provide the iron per capita per day for the years 2007 to 2014. When questioned on the bio-availability of copper in the food supply, USDA responded: "We do not provide data on bio-availability of nutrients."


The sciences, healthcare, foundations, medical community, pathology, immunology, epidemiology, etc; were established based on the fraud.
Pandemics are controlled release of deadly diseases that affect only the iron poisoned, copper depleted population.


C.A. Bouthillier