Iron Poisoning & Copper Deficiency



Radiation causes vascular damage when there is iron circulating in the blood -- iron poisoning present. Radiation, or electrical oscillations, shake or vibrate the blood proteins breaking off the loosely bound iron. This excessive breakdown of blood increases vascular damage and pathologic iron deposition.

(Note the articles do not mention the iron connection or Wi-Fi and other RFs -- radio frequencies; electro-magnetic radiation. )

Understanding Radiation-Induced Vascular Disease
Radiation injury of blood vessels was originally described more than a century ago and remains a contemporary clinical problem, despite dramatic advances in the field of radiation oncology (1). Clinical studies indicate that patients who have previously undergone radiation therapy for various malignancies—such as lymphoma, breast cancer, and head and neck cancer—are at increased risk for developing vascular disease…..


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In animal studies discussed by Monje and Palmer in "Radiation Injury and Neurogenesis", it has ... evidences to cause cerebro-vascular atherosclerotic damage.


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All components of the vascular system are susceptible to radiation injury, some more so than others.


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In some cases in which the Xray changes were mild, the functional measurements indicated severe vascular damage. The radiation appears to reduce the .........

Areas that have been irradiated should be regularly observed not only for recurrence of the initial tumor or its metastasis, and for late radiation effect, but also for the possibility of development of a New Cancer. Additional or returning symptoms may indicate recurrence OR metastasis of original tumor, OR radiation damage, OR a New Primary Cancer developing at that site. Differentiation of radiation pathology from recurrent or metastatic tumor or new malignancy can be difficult.


A Study of Radiation-Induced Cerebral Vascular Injury in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients with Radiation-Induced Temporal Lobe Necrosis


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MICROVASCULAR DAMAGE IN IRRADIATED HEART. Radiation-induced damage to the myocardium is caused primarily by damage to the microvasculature, ...


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Vascular Changes after Radiation Exposure. Blood vessels play an important role in the pathogenesis of acute and delayed radiation injury. Late vascular injury ...


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Apr 19, 2011 – The primary mechanism of the delayed injury in radiation associated with necrosis is secondary to vascular endothelial injury or direct damage ...


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by ML Griem - 1994 - Cited by 8 - Related articles
Jan 27, 2003 – Cultured endothelial cells of blood vessels have a Do of 2 Gy for X-rays. A dose of 0.5 Gy of X-rays has an acute effect on vessel diameter.