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1. History of "Blood Types"


2. Blood rates from different parts of the world


3. Distribution of blood types



Copper: The Maligned Mineral (The many functions of copper and affects of copper deprivation, copper depletion)


5. Defining the Human Requirement


6.†† Misinformation about origin of type O.



28 separate studies showed that Chimpanzees have the blood types A and minimal O, but never B. 8 separate studies showed that Gorillas have the blood types B and minimal O, but never A. There is NO blood type AB in either of the man-apes. But man has both A and B AND blood type AB as well as very much O.




9. For additional information on alkaline levels of the many chemicals in our food, contact chemists, and some web sites by searching for the name of chemical and "alkaline" or "pH". There are just too many to list in this writing. Some can found in ref # 8.



A Case for the Role of Copper Deficiency  in "Mad-Cow" Disease and  Human Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Research has suggested that copper also has an important role to play in the prevention or moderation of certain neurodegenerative diseases including the polyglutamine diseases (such as Friedrich ataxia and Huntington's Disease), Parkinson's Disease, Wilson's and Menkes' Diseases, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease, also called "Motor Neuron Disease" in the UK), and Alzheimer's Disease.





The original web site has been replaced with another older web page they had posted else where on their site, with the old pH range of 7.42 - 7.44.

This range is from about early 80ís, and is not the current range. The current AVERAGE pH range, in 2005 was 7.54, and increased to 7.55 by the end of 2012. The site used the terms "pH balanced" and "alkaline" together as if they have the same meaning.

A pH balanced blood is NEUTRAL or 7.00 pH level, not an alkaline reading. The following web page shows the original values that they had posted

on the above mentioned web page:††


Because HFCS may deplete the body of Copper*, causing a copper deficiency, or if one currently has a copper deficiency, consuming HFCS over time will eventually cause heart failure due to hypertrophy (enlargement of the heart).".Most of the controversy surrounds the apparent link between the increased use of HFCS (mostly replacing sugar) and an increase in Type II diabetes and obesity in the United States.


14.†† Dr. Field explains that fructose in combination with copper deficiency in the growing animal interferes with collagen production. (Copper deficiency, by the way, is widespread in America.) In a nutshell, the little bodies of the rats just fell apart.


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