Unveiling Them

Dates regarding the birth & crucifixion of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ

According to historical documentation His conception occurred during the Spring equinox, and counting nine months gestational period, birth supposed to have occurred on 25th of December.

However, gestational period was and is 12 months when one is not iron poisoned. Iron poisoning accelerates the aging and gestational processes.  A normal healthy gestational period in humans without iron poisoning and copper deficiency is estimated to be about 52 weeks -- one year.  Two thousand years ago there was no mass poisoning; the mass poisoning started in about 1500 AD.

Thus, His birth was during the following year’s Spring equinox.

Jesus’ ministry started soon after he turned 30, which would have been March 30 AD, and before the Passover in April.  Passover is in the first month of a new year – APRIL. Thus, the first Passover during Jesus’ ministry was 12 April 31 AD. April is the first month of a new year so advance one year on the calendar.

John records three Passovers, the third being in 33 AD. The crucifixion was on Friday, the day before start of the third Passover.  The third Passover was Saturday, 20 April 33 AD as advanced by one year.


Jesus was crucified and died on Friday, 19 April 33 AD; the day before start of Passover.


As of 1 April the year is 2020, not 2019.  It is interesting to note the Passover this year is again on 20 April, on a Saturday; following Friday when Jesus was crucified.


They have ALWAYS kept accurate records throughout history; they suppress the truth in an attempt to change the set times.