Little Rock, Arkansas, USA


Fulfillment of Prophecy

Do not let anyone discourage your faith. Know that nothing happens unless itís according to the Fatherís will. And that is to fulfill prophesy & bring in everlasting righteousness.

Be aware of evil activities, attempts to change the set times. No one can change the set times; no one can beat their Maker.

Final words: Be aware that many of you have been betrayed by family members and friends. This was not unexpected, as the prophets wrote: they will confirm a covenant with many, and even family members & friends will betray you. They choose evil and worldly things over what is good, holy & righteous (what is right), to their destruction.

So, be alert! For you are about to see & witness positive signs of His return!


May the Lord our God take His power and begin to reign!

Come, Lord Jesus! May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with Godís people.