Unveiling Them

The church & science communities present false evidence of the line of Christ.  Evidence also "proves" evolution & global warming are to blame for population die-off.

The damaged mutated blood types A, B & O are dying off from disease due to poisoning with manmade reduced metals and the associated harmful gases. Carbon and oxidation shorten the lifespan of cells, and the lifespan of the host.


Blood type AB is disease free and living 120 years (average).

LIFESPAN:  was 75 years; now significantly less. Government health agencies maintain lifespan is 80 years.

Church Evidence
“God has blessed them” by increasing their lifespan two generations to 120 years, as they are His Christ. Their lifespan has always been 120 years. They stole 45 years of youth from everyone else by mass poisoning.

SHROUD OF TURIN: the burial cloth of Jesus has blood type AB, matching their blood type & DNA, “proving” they are His Christ.


Blood Types & Evolution
The “science” claims blood type distribution indicates evolution (by mutation) from “prehistoric man” for types A/B/O, while type AB is “special & fit for survival”.


A & O are alkaline, B is acidic & AB is neutral:

Last disclosure in ~ 1960:                AB:  4%         B:  10%        A/O: 86% 

Current:                                             AB:  6.66%   
Estimate:  +/- 5%, excluding AB:                           B: 30%         A/O: 70%

Type B prevalence increases when a population begins to decrease, due to a slightly longer lifespan than types A/O. Type AB prevalence increases in a poisoned, decreasing population as they have a lifespan of 120 years.
Current blood type distribution indicates the population is dying off.


Global Warming & Blood/Tissue Carbon Levels

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a byproduct of the body attempting to neutralize and remove reduced metals as contained in manmade particles.

The general population has been methodically poisoned with reduced metals and associated harmful carbon gas; while being depleted of copper. Copper deficiency facilitates the buildup of reduced metals and carbon, as the enzymes that neutralize and remove reduced metals are copper dependent.

The global warming fraud explains elevated carbon levels in blood are caused by increasing carbon in the atmosphere. They present the current blood type distribution as evidence of global warming; the carbon cycle is causing the alkaline types A/O to go into extinction first, followed by type B.
Only AB is “fit for survival”.

They Proclaim To Be His Christ Based on the False Evidence
They exalt themselves over everything that is called God or is worshiped, and they set themselves up in God's temple proclaiming to be His Christ.

For the body of Christ is God’s temple on earth.

They proclaim themselves to be His Christ, the chosen ones to rule over the earth. Their fronts, their rulers of countries, and their representatives and officials, gather together in corroboration; even the "church" is in submission. They perform counterfeit miraculous signs and wonders to deceive the world, and announce their world government and economy.