Unveiling Them

Mass media and church & science communities present false evidence of the line of Christ. The evidence also "proves" that evolution & global warming are to blame for the mass die-off event. They are from the lines that were disinherited 2000 years ago, now they claim to be His Christ based upon blood type, DNA & long lifespan.



LIFESPAN:  Was 75 years and currently less than 70 years. Government health agencies maintain lifespan is 80 years.



“LOST END-TIMES TEXTS, SCROLLS”:  reveal God has blessed them by adding two generations to their lifespan. Making their lifespan 120 years; as they are His Christ. But they have always had a lifespan of 120 years; God gave to everyone before they stole 45 years of youth by mass poisoning. (now 50+ yrs)

SHROUD OF TURIN: suspected burial cloth of Jesus has blood type AB; matching their blood type & DNA, “proving” they are His Christ.


BLOOD TYPES & EVOLUTION:  Type AB is the healthy un-poisoned blood type and is the only blood type carried by humans. The other blood types evolved by mutation after mass iron poisoning & copper depletion began 520 years ago.

But, "science experts" claim blood type distribution indicates evolution from "man-apes" (prehistoric man) for blood types A/B/O, while blood type AB is “special & fit for survival”. 

The blood type found on the Shroud of Turin, the suspected burial cloth of Jesus, is blood type AB, which "matches"

the poisoners blood type, and thus, their DNA. Everyone else with blood types of A, B, and O have damaged mutated



BLOOD TYPE/pH DISTRIBUTION:   A/O are the alkaline blood types, type B is acidic & type AB is neutral.

Last disclosure in ~ 1960:                          AB:  4%         B:  10%    A/O:   86% 

Current as of 2020:                                    *AB:  6.66%    B:  ≥ 20%    A/O:  ≤ 73%    (B & A/O estimated)

Blood type B prevalence increases when a population is decreasing, due to a slightly longer lifespan than blood types A/O.  Blood type AB prevalence always increases in a poisoned, decreasing population as they are the healthy blood type with lifespan of 120 years.

(*All who entered into a covenant with them are included with the blood type AB group.)

GLOBAL WARMING & Blood CO2 Levels:

When blood pH deviates from neutral, particularly alkaline pH, the buffer is retention of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is countering the rising blood pH. It is not an increase of carbon dioxide in the environment that is causing humans to die off. The fraudulent global warming science explains elevated CO2 level in blood is caused by increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere/environment particularly in the last 60 years. The year 1960 was the last disclosure of blood type distribution. They present the current blood type distribution as evidence of global warming; the carbon cycle is causing the alkaline blood types A/O to go into “extinction” first, followed by blood type B. Only type AB is “fit for survival”.