Unveiling Them

Little Rock, Arkansas,  USA

June 2020

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The Message of His Kingdom

The Time of Punishment & Restoration
Mass population die-off is set to commence now -- the abomination that causes desolation spoken of through Daniel 2,500 years ago.  His return is imminent as a massive surge in deaths is evident.

Only the Father knows the hour & day.


He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him.

The Military is positioned in the southern region, in the Gulf Coast states & offshore of the U.S., in preparation for war against Him and those arriving with Him.  The NORAD/USNORTHCOM Air Operations Center (AOC) is tasked to direct air intercept operations against Him & those arriving with Him. The AOC and collocated Early Warning (EW) radar were already destroyed once by Hurricane Michael in October 2018. (Alternate AOC: Joint Base Langley, VA.) Key EW radar sites on the Gulf Coast: Slidell, LA (Pearl River) & Lake Charles, LA (7 mi. SW of DeQuincy).

A third of the military is against Him.
Stand firm, be vigilant and DO NOT OBEY UNLAWFUL ORDERS.
His arrival is imminent as a massive surge in severe disease and deaths become evident.

Severe disease & death rates are high from manmade reduced metals, bound to plastic and rubber nanoparticles (NPs), and parasites (viruses). Exposure is by airborne (gases) and food & water supply.
Primary metals: mercury, iron, cobalt, nickel.
Copper neutralizes and removes reduced metals. Removal of iron kills parasites as it is the source of oxygen vital for self-replication and survival.
The population is now depleted of copper, and no immunity (defense) is left.

The activated 5G high-power radiation towers are ramping up symptoms and damage; the same damage occurs with close proximity signals, such as Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.
End-stage signs of infection: inflammation, hemorrhages, obstructed blood flow (clots, narrowing blood vessels), tumors/cancers, internal & external rashes/lesions, and death.


Diseases are symptoms.  The cause: reduced metals bound to plastic & rubber NPs, and parasites. Amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and other "nutrients" are manmade NPs containing reduced metals. Metals are reduced for absorption into the body, to compete with and replace copper in the cells and liver (storage copper).
Copper is naturally absorbable, and found throughout the body protecting the cells.
Reduced metals in NPs are associated with oxidation, carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen.
Reduced mercury is most toxic, works in synergism with other reduced metals, and causes cell death by corrosion; oxidation & carbon. Mercury amino acids are assembled into host cells by parasites.
Mercury binds with the “functional groups” in amino acids.
Reduced iron is the source of oxygen vital to the replication and survival of parasites.
Graphene Oxide (GO) is in the food and water supply and has been for generations.
GO is a manmade nano-carrier/transport molecule for iron and mercury containing NPs.
Iron is magnetic and reacts to magnetic fields, activated by radio frequency (RF). The electrical oscillations of the RF signal vibrate the GO platelets, mobilizing them, causing internal bleeding. Moreover, the gases associated with mobilized GO, cause a barrage of symptoms leading to cell death; the burst of oxygen accelerates parasite self-replication and viral protein assembly, while the carbon corrodes and kills host cells.
The 5G high-power transmitting towers are activated, in addition to other active signals.
Severity of symptoms and damage increase as signal strength and/or exposure time increases.
Reduced cobalt (& nickel) crosses the blood-brain barrier via nano-carriers called fatty acids, destroying brain tissue and damaging/disrupting neurons. Fatty acids bind to host cell membranes.
Cobalt is neurotoxic as mercury, and cardiotoxic. Cobalt and nickel, like iron, have magnetic properties and react to RF radiation.
There are many more reduced metals than the aforementioned. Any metal, manmade by reduction for absorption into the body, is incompatible with life.

The pathogen is the measles parasite, originating in swine.
The parasite enters host cells and disrupts normal protein assembly (synthesis) – cell replication.
The vaccine is a measles booster with spike protein to accelerate the disease and death process. In addition to injection, the measles parasite and spike proteins are acquired by inhalation and ingestion.
Spike protein is manmade with plastic and rubber NPs, called amino acids.
Viral protein: the parasite makes copies of the spike protein by assembling surrounding (accumulated) plastic & rubber NPs, destroying tissue and organs.
Mutations in spike protein are selected changes in the amino acid sequence, based on desired disease severity, fatality rate & copper depletion rate. The mutation schedule achieved copper depletion and increased the death rate to the maximum possible without being noticed by the population. As tens of millions have died in the US over a 3½ year period, many are dying now. Parasite variant and spike protein combinations are on schedule for a massive surge in deaths.
Copper: neutralizing antibodies are copper dependent enzymes (proteins) sent out from the liver to neutralize and remove reduced metals, as contained in viral proteins. When copper is depleted iron is released from the liver instead of copper, fueling parasites to accelerate both self-replication & assembly of viral proteins. This is falsely described as the body attacking itself, cytokine storm or autoimmune disease.  * Based on low neutralizing antibody levels, the population is now copper depleted. *

The 200 Million versus 14.3 million (6.66%) in the USA:  Senior leaders, officers, medical community & many among you received the vaccine to demonstrate it is safe. They are 6.66% of the population, 14.3 million, including a third of the military. The vaccine cannot harm them as they do not have iron poisoning. Viruses need the oxygen iron attracts to survive and replicate, and if no iron/oxidation is present, the vaccine parasites (viruses) die off naturally.
Persistent biological & chemical attacks are being carried out on the population via gases and the food/water supply. -- The intent is to abruptly kill the 200 Million, in an attempt to change the set times.


Prepare to advance on their positions, for the Lord's purpose is to destroy them!  They are anti-Christ for they oppose and reject His Christ. They are of the lines disinherited 2,000 years ago. When you see standing in the holy place what does not belong, it is the time of punishment, when they set themselves up in God's temple by proclaiming to be God and His Christ through their blood and DNA. For the body of Christ is God's temple on earth.

Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates – the Mississippi River!
The number of the mounted troops is 200 million -- the real population of the United States.
They are armed with WEAPONS. They are cruel and without mercy.

The Lord thunders at the head of His army!



Warning to Those Trying to Change the Set Times