Unveiling Them

English the language of Jesus & the tribes of Israel.


According to official history* the English language came about in the 400’s - 500’s AD.
After the end of Roman rule in 410 AD.

The “lost tribes of Israel” eventually migrated to Britannia. At the time it was one of the farthest places removed from their origins when they settled and conquered.  There they kept the name of the country Britain and assumed the British identity to hide their true origins.  They maintained their native tongue – English.


The tribes maintained a presence in the countries they conquered on the way to Britain.  The names of countries were unchanged.  They assumed the identity of the people and learned the languages of those countries – to cover their tracks.

They conquered and rule all the nations. The vast majority of the populations do not belong to them.  They are 1% of the world population, 43 million.

* History is written by, for & about them.