Unveiling Them -- Poisoning of Mankind


United States Population Numbers as of 2019:   estimated 217 million

As deaths accelerate, population die-off becomes evident. His return is imminent when the population nears 214,270,410. This is the time of punishment & restoration in all that is written. 


Official:  According to official government numbers the population is currently 328 million.


Actual: The actual number is close to 217 million, and the predetermined population numbers will be reached soon -- the precise hour set in place by the Father long ago. Refer to the Population Reduction Chart for population estimates.

Target: 214,270,410 The number to be reached as the population decreases.


200,000,000: Iron Poisoned/Copper Depleted Blood Types of A, B, &O - those who do not belong to them.

14,270,410: The 6.66% that have normal healthy Blood Type AB plus those who entered into a covenant with them, in the United States. One third of their total numbers are in the U.S.  Their numbers total approximately 1% of world population numbers: 42.811 Million. The world population is close to 4 billion, not 8 billion.


CALCULATE the number of the beast, for it is 666:

Use 6.66% to calculate the number (count) of the beast. The real population is 200 million without their numbers. Thus, the 200,000,000 are 93.34% of the population. Total population is 200,000,000 / .9334 = 214,270,410:  Subtracting the 200 million, their numbers are 14,270,410 in the US.  And that is one third of their total world wide numbers; a third of mankind (them) is “killed” by the mounted troops – the 200 million.



The number of the mounted troops is 200 million.


Warning to Those Trying to Change the Set Times