Unveiling Them


United States Population Estimate:
As deaths accelerate, population die-off becomes evident. His return is imminent when the population approaches 200 million.

The 200 Million: 
Those who are with Him.

The 6.66%:
The 14.3 million who are against Him.


Calculate the number, the count of the beast, for it is 666:

Use 6.66% to calculate their numbers. The 200 million are 93.34% of the population. Total population is 200,000,000/.9334 = 214,270,410.  They have 14,270,410 in the U.S., one third of their world wide numbers of 43 million. (A third of mankind is “killed” by the 200 million.)


The Mark of the Beast:

Spiritual:  mark of the beast on the forehead refers to the mind; mindful willful hatred, opposition & rejection of our Father.

Physical:  mark of the beast on the hand refers to performing evil deeds in the name of the beast.