Unveiling Them


From the official literature:

A favorable pH is essential to the functioning of enzymes and other biochemical systems. The body's fluids are normally somewhat alkaline, the pH being between 7.35 and 7.45.  A pH above 7.8 or below 6.8 is generally fatal.

http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Power+of+hydrogen    (Normal healthy blood pH is 7.00.)

Severe alkalosis often happens during last days or hours of life.  (When copper depleted & iron/metals poisoned.)

Mortality rates have been reported as 45% in patients with a blood pH of 7.55 and 80% when the pH was greater than 7.65.
http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/243160-overview    (When copper depleted & iron/metals poisoned.)

Truth about blood pH:  blood pH is the indicator used to set up the extermination of the population; a gradual change done in phases undetected by the population.

The body requires a blood pH of 7.00, neutral pH, to synthesize all normal healthy proteins in the required quantities. The established science indicates that a pH of 7.40 is what the body requires to sustain life; (just NOT a normal healthy lifespan). This is a fraud that has been propagated for many generations. The blood pH is the main indicator of lifespan and disease states; and is indicative of copper deficiency & iron/metals poisoning.


The body must have the proper concentration to synthesize normal healthy proteins, as hydrogen forms the bonds in proteins. Poison metals cause the blood pH to deviate further from neutral pH, as they accumulate in the blood and other parts of the body. They accumulate because the entire food & water supply has been poisoned with iron and other metals; while depriving & depleting the population of the life essential mineral copper. Copper removes ALL poison metals and chemicals from the body. Without copper the blood pH deviates from neutral -- 7.00.


The chart below shows the amount of lifespan that has already been taken away from the general population. The blood pH was no longer neutral in the general population since about 1500 AD, when the copper depletion/iron poisoning started on a mass scale.


pH    Decimal                         % of hydrogen concentration to synthesize normal healthy proteins in proper quantities
All pH values are life critical as pH deviates from 7.00 neutral

7.00   .0000001                       100%                    Neutral; before 1500 AD lifespan was 120 years that God never changed

7.39   .00000004074               40.7%                   Alkaline up to the late 1800's -- severe alkalosis

7.40   .00000003981               39.8%                   lifespan of 75 years; set to 7.40 in 1900 until 1975; 
normal blood pH” -- loss of 45 years of lifespan & youth

7.43   .00000003715               37.2%                   set up to this value in about 1980

7.45   .00000003548               35.5%                   according to official science alkalosis starts at this point

7.54   .00000002884               28.8%                   set up by 2006

7.55   .00000002818               28.2%                   45% die sustaining this pH; set up by end of 2015; final phase

7.65   .00000002239               22.4%                   80% die sustaining this pH

7.70   .00000001995               20.0%                   death within days or less upon reaching this pH

7.80   .00000001585               15.9%                   death within hours of reaching this pH

6.9     .0000001259                 126%                    
Acidic; higher concentration than what is required

6.85   .0000001412                 141%                    lifespan decreases by ~40 years.  (pH is estimated)

6.8     .0000001585                 159%                    diabetes, acidosis, kidneys shut down, heart failure

6.79   .0000001622                 162%                    death