Unveiling Them

Blood pH, Body Temp & Blood Pressure 
Healthy blood pH is 7.00 – neutral, maintaining body temp of 98.6° F and stable constant blood pressure.

Deviation from pH 7.00 is life-critical, as with deviation from body temp of 98.6° F and constant blood pressure.

A pH above 7.8 or below 6.8 is immediately fatal.
Mortality rates: 45% for pH of 7.55; 80% for pH > 7.65.
Current average alkaline blood pH is 7.55+, acidic blood pH near 6.8.
Iron oxidizes more rapidly as pH deviates from 7.00.

Body Temp (BT) correlates with
44% for BT ≤ 95.9 °F;    26.5% for BT ≤ 96.8 °F;    42% for BT > 104 °F.

Blood Pressure Variability and hypertension are associated with high mortality.

Blood pH increases in the colder months, evidenced by higher death rates from October to March. 

Amino Acids:
Amino acids that are easily oxidized are histidine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, tyrosine, methionine & cysteine, and are not naturally found in humans.

Blood pH is easily altered with histidine present.  Histidine is the main component in the formation of histamine, which in turn stimulates the release of other oxidized protein (segments) such as serotonin, formed from tryptophan.


Histidine and Tryptophan are used to regulate body temp, blood pH & blood pressure for survival, as indicated in Reptiles, where they occur naturally. In humans they are foreign and the body rejects them.

Protein Synthesis:  
blood pH of 7.00 is needed to synthesize normal healthy proteins in the required quantities.  A pH of 7.00 has the proper concentration of hydrogen to form the bonds in proteins – amino acid sequences.

Copper: pH is indicative of mineral balance or imbalance as is the case with 95% of the population.
A balanced pH of 7.00 is sustained by sufficient copper intake & levels, as it removes toxic metals.
Deficiency facilitates iron accumulation and oxidation; and formation of oxidized protein (segment).
Copper is naturally nanoparticle size and is found throughout the body, protecting the cells.
The main copper storage area is in the liver, where it is released as needed.
When copper reserves are depleted, the body has zero immunity (defense) left and dies.

poison metal that attracts oxygen essential for parasites to survive and replicate inside the host. Reduced to nanoparticle size: referred to as ferritin, iron oxide, graphene oxide, reduced iron.
The purpose of nanoparticle iron is to deplete & replace copper in the cells and liver (stored copper).

In diseased state, the higher the blood ferritin levels, the more severe the symptoms.


Micro & Nano-plastics: plastic particles maximize oxidation, and are components of oxidized proteins/formations. Diseased sites are where the parasites are synthesizing oxidized plastic-fibrous proteins, destroying organs and tissue.
Plastic fibers: disease causing components in histamine, serotonin, melatonin, neurotransmitters, plaques, vascular clots, cholesterol, blockages, obstructions, thrombosis, fibrosis, sclerosis, cancer, tropomyosin, troponin, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal disease, constipation, diabetes, smallpox, chickenpox, influenza, cerebral hemorrhage, depression, strokes, seizures, dementia, polio and the inflammation diseases, to name a few.

Immune Response in Copper Deficiency, Iron Poisoning, Vaccine w/Histidine-rich Protein

Normal Response to presence of foreign oxidized protein:

Upon detection of oxidized protein, stored copper is released from the liver, to neutralize & remove.


Oxidized protein (segment) is produced by parasites residing within cells, disrupting normal protein synthesis. Parasites are present due to iron poisoning.

When there is copper deficiency, iron is released from the liver instead of copper, further fueling parasites to accelerate both self-replication & production of oxidized protein.

This is falsely described as the body attacking itself, cytokine storm syndrome, autoimmune disease.

Histidine-rich spike protein:
the parasites copy the protein segment, accelerating production of histamine & other oxidized formations. There is an ample supply of oxidative amino acids (plastic) in the body. Just as with iron, the entire food and water supply has been poisoned with them.


Population Extermination

Iron & Foreign Amino Acids/ Micro & NanoPlastics added to the food & water supply, air, and skin contact products.

Vaccines boost parasites.
Poison Gases release nanoparticle parasites (viruses), metals & plastics.

Radiation from high power increases oxidative & vascular damage.