The Message of His Kingdom


Round-Up List



You know them by their fruit; their arrogance, being silent or procrastinating on real issues & problems (they created), not taking action against the establishment, upholding & defending the fraud, loving & practicing falsehood, promoting without merit, doing whatever they want and not being held accountable. They reward their own for breaking the covenant.

They confirmed a covenant with many, as spoken through the prophet Daniel. So, do not be deceived by even family & friends who have betrayed you. You know who they are; they are liars and frauds, and uphold & defend the fraud.

No one will be able to buy or sell, unless they confirm a covenant with them:
They own EVERYTHING, illegitimately – by murder, fraud & theft. They own ALL the businesses and ALL the land and resources. They acquired ALL the land & resources from the beginning, as they directed the settlements, established the laws in their favor and killed outsiders who prospered.
The real population doesn’t own anything, their property & money stolen long ago. About 70% of the working age population is unemployed; the majority of the rest work at poverty wages, with only a small percentage with better paying jobs. ALL the good paying jobs are taken by those who have destroyed the country.

Their wealth & property will not save them from their day of destruction.

They do not speak or act out against the establishment and the fraud. They defend and uphold the fraud by their words, actions or silence. Many will pretend to be against the establishment, but they do not offer the ONLY solution – abolish & vanquish all of them.



The administration, top to bottom.

All government representatives and senators at all levels.

All government-run offices and agencies.

Department of State.

All of mainstream and alternative media. Commandeer these immediately.

All government and foundation sponsored research, top to bottom.


All medical research.


All medical facilities, all blood labs.

All doctors, nurse managers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses.

All alternative medicine doctors, practitioners, acupuncture, naturopathy.

All of the pharmaceutical industry, top to bottom.

All organized religion. Many if not most of non-denominational "churches".

ALL businesses; large to small. They have taxed and regulated ALL of the general population, their competition, out of business. This is how they now own EVERYTHING, illegitimately.


All corporations.

All financial institutions.

All universities, institutions of higher education, school districts, and private schools.

All generals, top level officers, top enlisted ranks (notably E9/E8); many throughout the mid & lower enlisted & most (the vast majority) of the remaining commissioned ranks.

All of the intelligence community top to bottom; military, civilian, contractors. The government agencies that issue security clearances.


All of Hollywood, "celebrities".

All of the music industry.


All of the entertainment/sports industry.


All insurance and healthcare companies.

All nursing and assisted living homes.

All funeral homes and cemeteries.

All law enforcement offices.

All revenue related offices.

All legislative offices.

All law offices.

All real estate, auctions, lottery, casino, charities, pageants, competitions, scholarships.

Food and beverage industry.

Water treatment facilities; food, farms, crops processing.

All of energy and communications.

Some are in our own homes. You will be betrayed even by parents, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, children, relatives and friends.


Everyone else in the population who upholds and defends the fraud, anyone who is not against the fraud.


Round up every one of them. Account for all 14,270,410 in the United States. Place them in the FEMA camps for out-processing. All of those living are going into captivity – to the Land of Sin.


The same will be done in all the nations. World-wide total: 42,811,230