Unveiling Them


Round-Up List



They yield overwhelming influence and occupy all positions in all parties of the government.

They control ALL levels and functions of the government, acting out their assigned roles to misguide and deceive the people. They use partisan politics to distract everyone so no one sees their connection. Partisan politics is the excuse they use for accomplishing nothing.  They have no intention of solving problems they created.

They confirmed a covenant with many, as spoken through the prophets. Even family members & friends have betrayed many of you.  Do not be deceived by them; they are liars and frauds, and uphold & defend the fraud.

No one buys or sells, except those they confirmed a covenant:
They own everything, illegitimately – by murder, fraud & theft. They own all the businesses and all the land and resources. 

Their wealth, property & self-appointed authority will not save them from their day of destruction.



All key leadership positions.

The administration. All administrations, past & present.

Government representatives and senators at all levels, past & present.

Government-run offices and agencies.

Department of State.

Mainstream and alternative media. Commandeer these immediately.

Medical community: research, hospitals, clinics, labs, doctors, nurse/nurse managers, physician assistants, practitioners, alternative medicine (naturopathy, acupuncture, etc.).


Pharmaceutical industry, top to bottom.

Religion; established for fraudulent practices and teachings, and worship of a counterfeit god.

Businesses; large to small. They have taxed and regulated ALL of the general population out of owning businesses, for control, and to make the population dependent on them.



Financial institutions.

Educational institutions.

Military:  officers (generals/admirals & down), top enlisted ranks; many throughout the mid & lower enlisted; in total, a third of the military.

Intelligence community top to bottom; military, civilian, contractors; the agencies that issue security clearances.


Entertainment industry: sports, music, movie, television, radio.


Insurance and healthcare companies.

Nursing and assisted living homes.

Funeral homes, crematories and cemeteries.

Law enforcement offices.

Revenue offices.

Legislative offices.

Law offices.

Real estate, auctions, lottery, casinos, charities, pageants, competitions, scholarships.

Food and beverage industry, farms, ranches.

Water treatment facilities.

Energy, communications, technology.

Some are in our own homes. You will be betrayed even by parents, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, children, relatives and friends.


Everyone else in the population who upholds and defends the fraud, anyone who is not against the fraud.


Round up every one of them. Account for all 14.3 million in the United States. Place them in the holding areas for out-processing. All of those living are going into captivity – to Mount Sinai (Mountain of Sin) in Saudi Arabia.


The same will be done in all the nations. World-wide total: 43 million