Unveiling Them


As population die-off becomes evident, it is time to assemble against them.


They take a stand against the Lord our God, and claim to be His Christ based upon false evidence. They are from the lines that were disinherited 2000 years ago, now they claim to be His Christ based upon blood type, DNA & long lifespan. The same false evidence is used as the cover for mass die-off of the population – by extermination. It’s time to advance on their positions.

The Sovereign Lord Almighty: to all the nations in the early hour
* Immediately commandeer the media (the False Prophet); mainstream & alternative – to cease the flow of lies & deceit.
* Oust them from their lofty perches, self-appointed positions, government positions (ALL Political PARTIES), the generals, high to low ranking traitors, their clergy, corporate, science/history experts, medical community, and all who plot to destroy this nation!
* Surround them on all sides; round them up and herd them into FEMA camps – where they out-process. Account for every man, woman & child:  14,270,410 in the United States. Do this in ALL the nations; world-wide total: 42,811,230.
* They are hereby stripped of their citizenship.
* Immediately cease all wars. Put an end to violence and division. 
* All debt is hereby erased.  Their wealth and property are for the citizens to plunder.
* Health with longevity is restored.  Soil and bodies of water are restored.

Immediately following the early hour:
* Destroy all their high places, idols, detestable images, names & symbols!
* Dismantle their institutions. Burn their books; abolish science, history written by, for & about them. Destroy all their media.
* Cleanse the food & water supply; eliminate all that were NEVER intended for human consumption. Destroy their man-made poisons; chemicals, nano-particles, vaccines, fertilizer, pesticide.
* Those brought in under false pretenses are to return to their own countries where they will be administered to. (They came because their own countries were destroyed, and now they will heal.)


Calculate the number (count) of the beast.

The Mark of the Beast:

Spiritual:  mark of the beast on the forehead refers to the mind; mindful willful hatred, opposition & rejection of our Father.
Physical:  mark of the beast on the hand refers to performing evil deeds in the name of the beast.

CALCULATE the number (count) of the beast, for it is 666:
Use 6.66% to calculate the number of the beast. The real population is 200 million without their numbers. Thus, the 200,000,000 are 93.34% of the population. Total population: 200,000,000 / .9334 = 214,270,410:  Subtracting the 200 million, their numbers are 14,270,410 in the United States.  One third of their world wide numbers.  A third of mankind (them) is “killed” (captured) by the 200 million mounted troops.