Unveiling Them



When you see standing in the holy place what does not belong, then you know it is the time of punishment in all that is written, when they set themselves up in God's temple by proclaiming to be God and His Christ through their blood, DNA & long lifespan.


For the body of the Christ is God's temple on earth.

Although the people of the United States, where their numbers and influence are strongest, have primary responsibility for reining them in and bringing them to justice, all nations will participate as they reside the world over. They are traitors and enemies of God, and comprise 6.66% of the real population numbers of the U.S., one third of their total worldwide numbers. (They have 14.27 million in the United States and 42.81 million worldwide, about 1% of the actual world population numbers.)

They occupy positions at ALL levels and functions of government Federal, State, County & Local.  They are deeply rooted in the universities, colleges, primary-secondary schools, foundations, research.  History & science are by, for and about them. Their learning and their sciences are nonsense and fraudulent.


They are the corporations, legal system, intelligence community, the churches, media, medicine, police departments, military, all government agencies, school districts, water departments, energy & communications, financial institutions, music/movie industries, sports/entertainment, television/radio, funeral homes/cemeteries, insurance and real estate, and more.

They are responsible for all the violence, death, misery, suffering & division.

Through fraud, deception, murder, and theft they now own the entire world, this is their New World Order, and they try to destroy His servants in an attempt to change the set times. All their wealth and efforts are for nothing, for their end is coming at the appointed time, at that very hour and day that was predetermined long ago.

Prepare to advance on their positions, their fortresses, safe places, and fronts.
Some will cooperate, others will be in defiance
*, for it is written:

Those who are to be killed by the sword will be killed by the sword,

Those who are to go into captivity will go into captivity.

Do unto them as they have done to others! Break open their strongholds!


Plunder their wealth, assets, their stockpiles of gold and silver, real estate, property!
All debt is erased, for it is fraudulent.  The creditors are a parasite on mankind.

Reject their healthcare that is "needed" to treat the symptoms, conditions
and diseases caused by their mass poisoning of the majority of the population
the 200 million who do not belong to them!

Commandeer the media; rout them out of the stations!
Get them off the air; put an end to their broadcasts of lies


Round up every man, woman and child for the abyss that has been prepared for them!

Account for every one and escort them to their place of captivity;

Across the breadth of the earth - to the Land of Sin!   

Put an end to the violence and bloodshed! Immediately cease their endless wars!

Come out from them; do NOT OBEY THEIR UNLAWFUL ORDERS! Arrest them!

Oust them from their lofty perches, their self-appointed positions, government positions (ALL PARTIES),
the generals, from the high to the low ranking traitors, their clergy, corporate, science/history experts,
and all among us who plot to destroy this nation! Arrest them!


Assemble against them, for the Lord's purpose is to destroy them!
The number of the mounted troops is 200 million, the vast majority of the population of the U.S.


They have no power or authority.  Their authority is self-appointed, obtained through fraud,
murder, lies and theft. Our authority comes from the Father, the Creator -- the ONLY authority!



* In defiance: those who are uncooperative and/or continue to uphold and defend the fraud.